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Thursday, September 10, 2009


This post is all for the stylish rocker chicks
who love to play dress up.

Black jackets are one of the must have to pull
of the rocker chick look. Here's a few i found by these great
blog shops;

topshop inspired

Femine Fatale - Street Biker Chic Style   RM99
Love the biker chick look jacket.
It's even topshop inspired.

Ride With Me Biker Jacket   RM65
An exposed zipper jacket, looks really great.
Goes well with black or washed out grey skinnies.

Tops and dresses that is perfect for you babes
to party like a rockstar!

Psychedelic Disco Racerback Dress/Top    RM45
Shiny top that takes glam to the next one.
This one is a little more subtle with the shine,
if you wanna go all out, try this top below

Animal Print Top   RM65
This top would go great with the first jacket by Coco Goddess.
With the jacket it would be great even for day time,
with out the jacket and pair it with tights, you'd have an outfit
for night time :)

Belts Galore Design 004   RM32
Another must have to pull of glam rock are studs.
Studded jackets, studded bracelets, etc.
Try studded clinchers you can work it with any plain top
or even with a jacket like the picture above.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Discotechno: Jacket  RM55 & Top RM 49
Totally PSYCHEDELIC! Love both of these items!
A must have i would say! :)

Cotton Nautical Blazer   RM42
A pin striped blazer with a sexy low cut.
Love the button detailing. Great for a casual day
to pair it with shorts or even great for work.

Code 238   RM38
Very gladiator inspired i would say with
the studded details. It even comes in four different colours!

Stripe Block Dress   RM30
Totally colourful and absolutely funky!
A great dress for girls who like to go with something
different and a little bit more cheerful

Sexy Cocktail Ribbon Dress   RM59
Looks like the plain and simple LBD but once you turn
around it has a cute bow detail on the back

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Featured Blog of the Month;

What's 'Featured Blog of the Month' all about?
Well every month i will pick one blogshop
that really catches my eye and give it a long review.
Only one blog shop will be chosen each month.

What do you have to do to be chosen?
Just keep doing what great work you have already been
doing,  keep the updates rolling and keep 
coming up with lovely eye-catching updates,
and you may just be featured! :)

This month's featured boutique is;
Their very first collection and i absolutely adore it to bits!!!
I love every single piece! And the pictures look really
good too. Good job guys!

So basic yet so sexy don't you think?

Pretty red indian inspired looking dress.

They even have something for you rocker chicks!

A really sweet and adorable ruffled top.

A little sneak peak preview by them.
They'll be updating tonight at 8:30pm!
Don't forget to visit their blog cause this vintage clutch
sure is to die for!

I have to say their collection just oozes sexyness!

Full Front Zip Ruffled Dress   RM59
Completely fitting and body hugging. The ruffled and
stretched front will sure make you show off your curves
in all the right places

Studded Waist Vest   RM43
Love the shade of grey the studded detail gives the
vest a more glam look don't you think? :)

MC008    RM40
Sexy ruffled skirt. Length is just above the knee
which means would be suitable for work.
Classy and stylish.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


A sudden massive amount of floral dresses blogshops
seem to be bringing in and i'm not complaining too.
They are tres pretty!! Love the pretty colours!

Florentine: Corset Dress   RM45
A floral corset dress, seen at Topshop too.
The shade of cool colour combination tone is lovely
indeed. Would be great for dinners too.

Roselle  RM35
This one is a tube version with a gorgeous cherry pink colour.
Pair it with a clincher to emphasize on your waist more
a cute clutch and you are good to go!


Floral Spring Dress  RM40
Love the splash of colour combination on this one.
It's chiffon so it's light and perfect for garden do's.
Looks great with the hairband too! It also comes in
other various colour combos too, so head over there and
check it out :)

Also seen at;

Shayla Love Dress  RM50

Skinny Flora   Rm44
It says that it's actually sold out but the good news is that
it's restockable!! With a layer of ruffles in the front, it gives
it an extra girly girl feel to the top.

The Secret Garden Tea Dress   RM50
Woah! More and more floral dresses! It's never ending!
This one is a gorgeous fitted floral dress.
Love how the top part is plain and only the bottom is
floral printed. This one is for those who don't want too
much floral all around, a little less.

It's been awhile;

and i'm back with major updates!
so stay tuned!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Threadszoo Warehouse Sale

Threadszoo Warehouse Sale

Venue: Mist Club, Bangar

Date: 11th July 2009

Time: 11am - 6pm

*click to enlarge image*

Friday, July 3, 2009

Awesome Possum Bazaar

Awesome Possum Bazaar!
Another one which is happening tomorrow and sunday!
Not only it is a shopping experience but they'll also be
acts, such as comedians, poet, musicians, etc..

Don't miss out on it! Be there tomorrow! :)

Venue: Subang Square Shopping Gallery, SS15

Date: 4th July (Saturday) & 5th July (Sunday)

Time: 11am - 8pm

For more info;

Fashionista's Bazaar

Fashionista's Bazaar
Yet another one at the 3K Inn and another one
not to be missed. I'm sure it's gonna be great!
With lots of shopping bargains for you crazy shopaholics!

Venue: 3K Inn

Date: 15th August 2009 (Saturday)

Time: 11am - 7pm

For more info;

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Shopaholic's Den V2.0 Launch

Shopaholic's Den V2.0 Launch
Yup, there's another one coming up!
The last event, 'Fleur De Lis' was great, i bet this one
will be great too, so don't miss out on it!!

Venue:  The Crest, 3 Two Square

Date:  25th & 26th July 2009

Time:  12pm - 7pm

For more info;

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Be Bold in YELLOW

Empire Waist Office Wear     RM 68
Office wear doesn't have to always be dull and boring.
Adding colour to your outfit can just turn it around.
Check out this yellow empire waist dress,
looks great doesn't it? Add colour to your wardrobe.

Yellow Trimmed Bandeau   RM 190
Fun in the sun? You'll look hot in this bright yellow
bikini. It's so simple yet looks so great! A simple
stud in the middle just adds a great touch to the bikini.

meluv33    RM 39
I like cute short dresses with hidden pockets at
the side just like this one. The print and colour
makes the dress have a really retro look.
Pair it with pumps and you'll look great.
This dress also comes in a light blue version which
i also love :)

Yellow Summer Dress   RM 30
Yes they've updated again! And this isn't the only lovely
dress they have! This dress however is a steal at at
that price. Stripey and simply adorable no? ;)

Zafrina Top   RM 30
I i love it's mustard yellow colour about it and
i love the baby doll cut. It makes it really cute.
Add a simple accessory like she did in the picture and
you are all set. Oh and it can also be used as a halter top.

A002 Smocked Floral Top    RM 23
Another retro printed top. And that's not all they have
at their site. Their on sale now so head over there
and check out what else they have! :)

Be Simple   RM11
Plain basic toga. It's great cause it can just be paired
with anything! Casual wear or formal wear its up to you.
I don't really fancy the strap but i think you can just tuck that in
and at just RM11, i think it a *steal*!!

Floral Halter Top   RM 35
Very sweet and feminine. Its chiffon too so
it's look nice and soft. It's their last piece so head over
there and check it out.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Lady In RED

L-O-V-E    RM 49
Stand out in this striking red high waisted pants.
Will look great paired with a simple of a dramatic white
top, you are sure to stand out. I even found ideas for you
guys to maybe pair this high waisted shorts with :)

Pair the shorts with tops such as these. Found in;

Turtle Neck Ruffles Blouse   RM55
For a more dramatic look to go with
that dramatic bright red shorts.

Sweet Lace Blouse   RM48
If you prefer something a little more subtle.

LV003    RM50
Pretty in Red. Something for a cocktail if used with
heels or pumps. Or wear it like she did in the picture,
with a long beaded necklace and a pair of flats,
and you can even wear it during the day.
A perfect day and night dress :)

Adorable Checkered Dress With Side Pockets   RM35
I think this one is definitely a steal!
Love the fitting cut of the dress and the pockets just
add a really cute detail to the dress.

Carmen Satin Tube   RM30
Sexy is as sexy does. What's more sexy than satin?
Something to wear on a night out with the girls?
Do without the tank top inside though and just wear
the tube alone as it is.

The Lulu Clutch   RM 35
A convertible clutch. Can be used as a shoulder bag,
sling bag or as a clutch. Different ways to wear with
different outfits. Trendy and convenient.

Studded Wristlet   RM32
Pair this with a simple plain black dress and
make this wristlet the focus of your outfit :)

Smashing Clincher   RM28
Clinchers are great to emphasize on your waist.
Also a great addition and accessory if you wish to
make a plain and simple outfit more outstanding.