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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Be Bold in YELLOW

Empire Waist Office Wear     RM 68
Office wear doesn't have to always be dull and boring.
Adding colour to your outfit can just turn it around.
Check out this yellow empire waist dress,
looks great doesn't it? Add colour to your wardrobe.

Yellow Trimmed Bandeau   RM 190
Fun in the sun? You'll look hot in this bright yellow
bikini. It's so simple yet looks so great! A simple
stud in the middle just adds a great touch to the bikini.

meluv33    RM 39
I like cute short dresses with hidden pockets at
the side just like this one. The print and colour
makes the dress have a really retro look.
Pair it with pumps and you'll look great.
This dress also comes in a light blue version which
i also love :)

Yellow Summer Dress   RM 30
Yes they've updated again! And this isn't the only lovely
dress they have! This dress however is a steal at at
that price. Stripey and simply adorable no? ;)

Zafrina Top   RM 30
I i love it's mustard yellow colour about it and
i love the baby doll cut. It makes it really cute.
Add a simple accessory like she did in the picture and
you are all set. Oh and it can also be used as a halter top.

A002 Smocked Floral Top    RM 23
Another retro printed top. And that's not all they have
at their site. Their on sale now so head over there
and check out what else they have! :)

Be Simple   RM11
Plain basic toga. It's great cause it can just be paired
with anything! Casual wear or formal wear its up to you.
I don't really fancy the strap but i think you can just tuck that in
and at just RM11, i think it a *steal*!!

Floral Halter Top   RM 35
Very sweet and feminine. Its chiffon too so
it's look nice and soft. It's their last piece so head over
there and check it out.