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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Confessions of A Buyer 1

Hi there,

Just want to share an unpleasant experience shopping online today.

From the conversation below, u can see dat the deal was almost successful but unfortunately it turned out the opposite late minute. As per agreed by the seller, I can transfer the money on Mon, i.e. TODAY. The reason I couldn't make payment immediately (after the chat, which was yesterday) because my car was stuck at the workshop. And today evening finally I got back my car and I went to the bank rite away to make the transfer (in fact, I was so eager to get home and informed the seller about that)/ But I was replied by the seller thereafter that the shoes was gone coz somebody already paid in the morning! =( I was really upset because I seriously didn't think it was fair to me as I was not being informed by the seller that there's someone interested at the same time... and what's more it was just released like that! I expected at least I was being told that so that i could do something... sigh...

What do you think hun? Was it my pure stupidity dat I should not expect that from a seller? =(
Have been buying many things online but this is the first bad experience (hopefully it's the last one too!)

From a disappointed shopper.
The conversation;

12:42 AM me: Hi.. can I have the exact measurement
in cm (size 37) for dual-toned flats?
Miss: 24.5cm
12:43 AM me: and size 38?
Miss: 25cm
12:46 AM me: do u think it's equivalent to vincci's size?
Miss: yup :) but i wear a size 4.. and size 4 is a
little tight.. so its up to u to get a size bigger..
12:47 AM cause im afraid it might b loose if u do.. just
incase it growd bigger once u wear it often
u know?
me: okie...
12:48 AM I wanna take size 37 :) how much including postage?
12:50 AM Miss: rm8 for postage :)
12:51 AM me: oh.. dun have cheaper option?
Miss: im nto sure how reg post works tho
but it takes longer and thru experience its not
very safe :/
12:52 AM me: ok...
so total is RM48 then..
Miss: yup
me: I can only pay on Mon is dat alrite
12:53 AM Miss: sure12:55 AM
me: pls send me the order info ya
12:56 AM thx
Miss: sure dear
12:57 AM u bank it into my maybank ********
********* total rm48
send me yr address too ;)
12:59 AM me: *******
Do u have my record? Used to buy from u last time
1:01 AM otherwise I'll give u again..
I gtg dy.. mail me k..


In my opinion, i do agree that the seller is in the wrong.
From the conversation above, it sounded like the item that you
ordered was already let go to you because she had given you her
details to bank in the money. If there was another buyer
interested the seller should have let you known that.

I think it's wrong because imagine if the situation was where you
had already banked in the money and once you inform her, she
tells you she has already sold it. There would have been a problem there.

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